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 Deers served on both sides of this horrendous conflict. It still holds the record as America's bloodiest War. More Americans died during the Civil War than any other war in our history. Southerners came home to desolation. Many of their homes and towns burned to the ground and their families starving. The South was set back 50 years. Reconstruction was slow due to Northern anger over the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth caused the South far more suffering than most folks realize...As the war's end approached, Lincoln's intent was to heal the nation's wounds by rebuilding the South as fast as possible. He never got the chance to do so. This page is dedicated to those Deers who served on both sides of the conflict. On occassion, brother faced brother and father faced son across the field of battle.

 Listed below are Deers who are known to have served.

Tennessee Rebs:

Deer, C.C., Pvt. C. Co. Holman's Cav.

Deer, Ella, Pvt. F. Co. 55th (Brown's) Inf.

Deer, Harvey, Pvt. F Co. 51st Con. Inf.

Deer, Thomas, Pvt. H Co. 26th Inf.

Deer, Thomas, Pvt. A Co. 60th Inf.

Deer, Willis, Pvt. F Co. 27th Inf

Tennessee Yankees:

Deer, Richard, 7th Calvary

South Carolina Rebs

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