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(ITEM #1) A Record--Secretary of the Province Recorded in Charlestown,South Carolina during the period1694-1705:

 Deposition: of John Dear, mariner, of full age and sworn as follows: being a passenger from Island of Madagascar to St. Thomas, West Indies, on board ship ADVENTURE, Cmdr. Capt. William Kidd, master, he knew Mr. Samuel Bradley, during the whole voyage was sick.....that when said Kidd arrived near Anguilla (being the first English port since Madagascar) said Bradley advised said Kidd & Co. to go into port and deliver the ship up to the Gov. for benefit of owners of former ship.....said Bradley's health and strength would allow he would be constantly pressing and urging the Capt. to go to Jamaica or some other English port so that former owners of their ship might have benefit of the ship they were then on board and of goods and merchandise which were on board.....but all said Bradley could say only procured him nothing but curses and reproaches of the Capt., but some of the Co. (touched with compassion at Bradley's indisposition and displeased with the Capt's ill behavior on Board said ship) have told this deponent that said Bradley would have been willing to leave the ship at Karawaw in the East Indies, but said Kidd would not be prevailed to go to an English port, but resolves to go to the Island of St. Thomas.....this deponent heard the boatswain, Michael Kalaway, say he did go on shore, he the said Bradley, should carry nothing with him when put on shore at St. Thomas when he was hardly able to walk and nothing was given him by said Capt. unless it was his chest with wearing apparel.....Signed: Wm. Smith. D: 4 Sept. 1700. R: in Secty's Office 15 Apr. 1701 by Henry Wigington, D.S.



(ITEM #2) Miscellaneous Record 1727-1729

 John Dear, Colleton County. Wife: Jale. Sons: Joseph, William; John, my house and land. Dau: Sarah. Exors; son John; John Sams. Wit: John Jarvis,Jr., Wm. Nash, Jr., Wm Huchson. D: 3 June 1724. P: 9 May 1725. R: nd p. 225

John Dear, Colleton County, planter. Brothers: William Dear, under 21 years; Joseph Dear. Sister: Sarah Dear. Mother-in-law: Jale Edwards. Mentions: Jonathan Thomas. Exor: Wm Stanyarne. Wit: Wm Gilliway, Thos. Stanyarne, Jonathan Thomas. D: 7 Nov. 1728. P: 30 Jan. 1728 /(9). R: 18 Feb. 1728/(9). p. 254. (We are not sure why Jale is described as a Mother-In-Law here)



(ITEM #2) Land Record from1721