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Vol. 20, No. 2, page 4. Bass Mill
Bass' Mill on Catfish Creek- The old mill site about one and a half miles
west of Latta, now owned be Mr. Neil Bass- was in 1781 the scene of a small
skirmish between Whigs and Tories. The mill was at that time known as Hulin's Mill. Some daring outrages having been committed in this neighborhood, Col.KOLB came down with the strong party, among who were Maj. LEMEULBENTON, Capt.JOSEPH DABBS, and JOHN COXE to redress then.
JOHN DEER was killed just as he reached the edge of the swamp, and OSBURN LEAN (?) escaped with a broken arm.

Col. KOLB lived in Marlboro, near what is now Society Hill bridge, and the
Tories on Catfish, goaded to desperation by his recent success in scattering and punishing some of their favorite leaders conjecturing that his force would be scattered to their several homes, determined to follow at once and surprise him in his home.

About 50 of them accordingly gathered at tart's Mill- now known as Moody's
Mill- about six miles north of Marion, and from that point they set out on a foray that resulted in the burning of KOLB's home and the taking of his life. James in his "Sketch of Marion" speaks of Gibson as the leader of this band of Tories, but Gregg say that their leader was unquestionably a Captain JOSEPH JONES, who lived in the vicinity of Tart's Mill.

Fight in Hillsboro:

Just about the close of the Revolution there was another fight between the
Whigs and Tories in the fork between the Little Pee Dee and LumberRivers. It must therefore have been in Hillsboro Township but it's precise locality is not known. Among the Whigs were JORDAN GIBSON, WILLIAM and THOMAS NEVILLE,ENOS TART, JOHN BRTHEA. SR., JOHN BETHEA JR., and LEVI ODEM. A Torey named COURTNEY was surprised and killed at a Mr. SHOEMAKER's. A number of Tories were cap but their friends gathered in sufficient force to retake them and compel the Whigs to treat with them.

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