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 I would like to make a contribution to the list of Deer Civil War soldiers. We need to even up the sides a little. The following are South Carolina Deers who fought for the South.

This information is from my notes which I took while in Columbia, SC at the S.C. Archives. Specifically, this information comes from "National Archives Microfilm Publications," "Micro copy No. 253," "Consolidated Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers."

Deer, William Anderson - Infantry
Regiment: 1st Hagood's, Company C, Private
From: Barnwell District
Killed in battle at Wilderness, May 1864

Deer, Henry Washington - Cavalry
Regiment: 3rd, Company F, 20 years old, Private
From: Barnwell District
Also known as 2nd S.C. Cavalry
Formerly: 8th (also called 2nd and Colcock's) Batl's S.C. Cavalry
(Note: This was my great great grandfather)

Deer, William P. - Infantry
Regiment: 1st Gregg's, Company E, 35 years old, Private
From: Unknown
Enlisted: Jan. 1864
Surrendered: April 9, 1865

Deer, George - Reserves
Regiment: 11th S.C. Reserves, Company C, Private

(Note: This was Henry Washington Deer's father. Both of their graves are at "Great Saltkehatchie Cemetery" for the Great Saltkehatchie Baptist Church in Ulmer, S.C. Ulmer is in Barnwell Co., S.C. Also, George Deer's wife, LoVicy Deer, is buried next to George Deer. Her head stone states, in part, "Wife of Capt. Geo. Deer." It is believed that due to George Deer's age during his service in the S.C. Reserves, he was affectionately called Captain.)

Thanks for your web site. It is wonderful and great to see!!

The Search Continues,
Richard Deer
Roanoke, Va.