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 Mike - You can get a power supply for your emachine at
wYou can get a power supply for your emachine at 1-800-722-6555... A special thanks goes out to Larry Frick for this information.Larr

  iI wish I had seen your page before I bought an emachine 400 on July 3. I was impressed with the speed at first, but within two weeks my modem went bad--no dial tone, completely dead. So far I haven't been able to contact a live person at emachines Support Services. Guess I'll end up having to replace the modem myself.

B. Hopkins, Georgia

 Mike I had a 333cs and from day one the fan made noise. I tried to contact emachine and did not have any luck either. So I contacted the Better business bureau and they are checking in on emachines conduct. I think they have the worst customer service I have ever seen. Well good luck with your poor computer.

Steve B.

 I read about your email machine problems. I also have had power supply problems. Do you know of any place to just purchase a new power supply? I have had several that have gone dead and I hate sending the unit back every time to replace a simple power supply.


Dave P.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 You are not alone. Out of 5 ppl with eMachines that I know, 3 of them exhibit the bad power supply fan, and 3 of them have had modems go dead and need replacing. This is too high a percentage to be a co-incidence. I am left suspecting some of these parts are inherently flawed.

At first, I was impressed with eMachines and helped other people buy them. Now I wish I hadn't... as they all come to me with their problems.

These machines have been manufactured too cheaply, and they cut corners on small but nonetheless significant parts. How did I find your page? Well, one of those afore mentioned eMachines (a 333k) has died. I suspect the fan which was making a horrible yowling died, and the power supply
probably overheated and burnt out. The machine won't power up at all. I'm looking for a replacement power supply and the search engine hit on your page.

If anyone knows where I might get a powersupply soon (10-14-99 now)
please email me at

Thanks Mike.


 Hi there..

Just a quick note to agree that the Emachine product bites. I am typing this with my 333 Etower..that is letting out a beautiful growling noise, similar to that described in item 3 on your page ;). Sigh, I also wish I hadn't made the purchase. I however use it with the growling noise. It hasn't gone "bad" yet but I am constantly keeping an eye on it to make sure that it doesn't fry or start a fire. The modem I suspect also went bad, since I couldn't stay online for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. I decided to purchase a cable modem and cable service to solve this problem. Expensive little cheap machine...guess it's get what you pay for :).



The your story is almost a carbon copy of mine. Only I made the mistake of letting the fan stop all together. It was making so much noise that I honestly thought my next door neighbor was using a broken vacuum cleaner. The noise stops, I go JEEZ glad that racket is over. OOps ! screen is
dead and the system won't power up. They won't send you a power supply and good luck finding one. I walk into repair shops with it dangling in my hand and they just shake their heads sympathetically and say "eMachine right
?...Sorry" Yeah me too. I plan on rebuilding with a new mother board.

Terrance W.

 Mike your story sounds so cool..........It's like I almost relived my friends experience...below is the email i sent them...with of course no reply their customer service center...if they have such a thing.

I too will have web site dedicated to these #^#%^%^#%$(*)*) know.
best of luck...

Dear Sirs,
After a somewhat disappointing phone call to your tech support I e-mail you to see if a better resolution can be obtained. I have a friend of mine who I encouraged to get a E-machine. Well now 3 months later his E-machine is dead. Correct it will not turn on. Tech support tells me its the power supply unit, I tend to agree to this opinion; although I have some other thoughts as well. I asked what can be done. They tell me ship it and we will swap it out for a new
one. Sounds great.....But what about all the info he has added to his Hard Drive. ????? They tell me...well you will have to find a way to back it up....?????? HUH the systems is you want to pull out the hard drive it back it up on my system which would later on come up and bite me on the A$$ by telling me that pulling this out voided the warranty..../// I do not think so.
So I asked the kind gentlemen...who I can not think of the name as I type at the moment....Well can you swap the hard drive when you get the system and send me the new system but with the old hard drive? No can do. ??? You mean ??? So I asked can you all sell me a ATX power supply unit, after all the small size leads me to believe I will not easily find a replacement for it. NO.... ok... so I have my friend sitting next to me who knows very little about fact he just got on the internet thanx to you all..and me..if not he
would not be there. So I thought...and saw my friend is listening to this whole conversation and nodding his head. I read his mind and have the same worry he does. He spent more than 3 days getting his Quicken 98 and all the data transfered over to this system for his business, and that was with my help. I also helped him setup his account with compuserve and that took but a few minutes, but that was
because I was there.
Then the tech support offered for me to buy your extended plan and he could send a new one over and then i could send the old one back. Meanwhile he would have to tranfer all data over to new hard drive. I would rather have a heart transplant at this point in time, than have to image his hard drive and copy it over to another..INSANE>
I thought about it (to myself) and said well darn ( Opted for
another word but I would sound unproffesional). I could just swap hard drives, they would not know the which the tech read my mind and said...if you were to swap h/d and we were to notice it we would have to charge you for it.
SO here is the question....I (WE) need a power supply unit....We are willing to buy it....We are not asking for you to send us a replacement...although yours went out. I imagen Trigem or Korean Data Systems must have some extra power supply units lying around right???? For that matter, there has to be some spares some company should have that you can point me to.
So in conclusion...Please take your time to read this
letter....Please take your time in responding to this email; this
email and any responses generated to this email, or by this email might be placed on a WWW page somewhere to be later disclosed for the whole world to see if this matter can not be resolved in an amicable manner. This is not to say that I do not think E-machine can do this, I have faith in you all. Afterall I did help my friend pick out his machine and E-machine was the choice. Do not make me regret such a
choice and do not make me look bad as well as your company in front of my friend.
Yes your tech person was very professional in this matter, I just did not get the answers I wanted to hear. Yes he gave me a customer incident number I guess you call it, but it is near 11:20pm and my friend would not like me to call him at this time of night, nor would I want anyone calling me at this time of night if I was asleep as he is. I imagen you can look up any info you might need by looking up the following, his name is Antonio M., his home number is 561-xxx-xxxx, yes he too has the serial number to his machine which I do not have with me. We called last night 10.16.99 about 10:30 pm. If you need to talk to me in person my name is Lazaro H. and can be reached at 561-xxx-xxxx, and after 4:00pm can be reached at 561-xxx-xxxx (WORK). I do check my email at least once a day, so I can respond to any questions you might have rather quickly.

Lazaro J. H.

I started with my problem on 12/6/99. Power supply went dead per tech support. I was told, "we will send you the power supply to install and you will need to send old part back." No other option given. Was told to call back in 10 working days if no part, which there wasnt. My husband and I realized later after reading the warranty that had we put the part in like they told us to, our warranty would have been voided. Our power supply was on back order along with at least 3000 others which were for warranty work. When speaking to the corporate office about the problem with the power supplies and 3000 being on backorder for warranty work, they say that isn't a problem when there are a (?) million computers out there. However, when bringing up the subject of the warranty being voided if I put the part in myself, 3000 people installing their part isnt alot. I was told," do you think that we would void that many warranties?" Its funny how one minute the corporate office finds the number 3000 to be alot or a little, depending on how it will make them look. I finally got my part and paperwork I requested after approx 31 days, and SEVERAL long distance phone calls.
I caught the corporate office lying to me on a few occasions, I don't trust these people at all!!!! I will be filing consumer complaint forms on the federal and state level.

MCC in Virginia

 Well, add us to your list of unsatisfied customers. I bought my "E" back in September '99. Had it about a month and the dreaded "broken vaccum cleaner" noise started. I went in to Office Depot where I had bought the machine and told them what was happening. They promptly replaced it with an Etower 400i3
PC. I am not a computer guru so I don't know what the difference between one machine and the other is. Well for two months I have no problem whatso ever. Then on New Years Day we get up and my computer is mysteriously on, and it won't go off by shut down or alt-cntrl-delete. I have to power off. A week
goes by and now, 1-16-00 my machine comes on again by itself. I have to power off again.

Has this happened to any of you. If it has, is this the beginning of
something worse to come?

I sure appreciate the information you have given us.

Ida Kirkley - Oklahoma City that's a scary story!!!! MikeD

 Hi, I got my emachine about 7 month's ago and the last 3-4 weeks it's been giving me problems. Just like one of the other people that mailed you, my computer also comes on all by itself. I can't shut it off, at first I could and it would come back on only sometimes, but now it won't shut off at all, I can only shut off the
monitor. This is my first computer I love it, I received it as a gift...I guess now I get to TRY and get ahold of tech. support.


And believe it or not.........

Hi Mike,
Well I got hold of Tech support. Believe it or not, the first time I tried. Well they said, "I have a ghost boot" that they fired a man and before he left he installed in some machines a ghost. So anyway's they said I can go around the "ghost" or they will
send me a new machine. So I told them to send me a new one. I should be getting it in 3-6 days. Let me know what you think. This is the # I called, 1-541-938-6492 just incase it's a different#
that you or someone else has. Good-Luck in the future with your machine.
Thanks, Bonnie

HI fellow emachine losers-
I too purchased an emachine etower 366i2 in August, 1999. In early Jan, 2000 my machine turned on by it's self. Now I can't turn it shuts down and then beeps 3 times and starts up again! I thought it might be a problem w/ Windows98 so I formated my HD and reinstalled Windows98....still restarts. I have even disabled all power options in the BIOS setup....still restarts..........I have tried in vain to get ahold of emachines support via email or phone....don't think anybody really works there....I think I'll take it back to Best Buy where I purchased it and throw it through the window!!! I will update you on how Best Buy supports the products

Sue and Lewisthey sell!